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Gone Fishing

Did you ever get up in the morning with absolutely no ambition, when even getting your butt out of bed seemed like a monumental task? You know, where you start out slow and kind of taper off from there. It is what I call a “vegetable” day, a day of doing nothing, a day where you just sit around and act like a head of lettuce, a day like the one I was facing.

I finally managed to get out of bed and make it to the family room couch. Just as I was reaching for the TV remote, it happened, a major conflict. Out of nowhere one part of me decided it was quite content with doing nothing all day, while the other part started complaining about wasting a perfectly good day sitting around, nag, nag, and nag. Now just because of a nagging guilty conscience, I’m tossed between doing nothing all day or doing something constructive. In an instant, my planned “vegetable” day had turned into a tossed salad.

The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to find middle ground, a way to mitigate the conflict. To begin with, I cannot openly sit around and do nothing because if my wife catches me she will break out her “honey-do list” and in a flash, I will have a bunch of tasks to complete. All that hard work and sweat would quickly turn my tossed salad into a wilted salad. No, no I would have to find some “busy work” as a cover.

With that settled, the new dilemma was “What can I use as a cover?” Humm…wait, I have it. My mission, should I choose to accept it, will be freeing up some storage space on my computer’s hard drive. My modus operandi will be to copy all the older image files to an external hard drive and removable storage disks. Once the mission is complete, the old image files on my internal hard drive will self-destruct. The beauty of this plan is that I appear to be working hard, but in reality, I am just sitting around waiting for the computer to write the image files to the external hard drive and storage disks…brilliant.

The one thing I failed to take into consideration is that in no time, I am bored to tears and my idle mind starts looking for creative ways to occupy itself. Before I even realize what is happening, my mind is coming up with strange titles and mini stories for each picture displayed on my computer screen. The scary thing is that in no time, I have come up with a theme of “Gone Fishing” and I already have odd little tales for several of the images.

For instance, this picture of a little blue heron reminded me of a game we played at Halloween parties when I was a kid. It was called “bobbing for apples”. I could never figure out the purpose of the game other than making everyone that played look like a complete idiot. Based on that game, it was a no brainer to come up with a title.

“Bobbing for Nemo”


I remember asking the person in the next picture if he was catching anything. “No, no I’m just waiting for the big ones to show up” he responded. I stood there looking confused until suddenly the little light bulb came on. Whoa, he really did not care if he caught a fish or not. He was there to relax and forget about the hectic world around him. I wonder if he even had any bait on his hook. I am thinking he has it right, when the pressure gets to be too much just go fishing.

“Hoping the Fish Won’t Bite”


The picture below had me scratching my head until I realized it reminded me of three people I used to work with. The first was a real “mover and shaker” he would dig down deep and stir things up until he came up with something. The second coworker was a “top feeder” who would wait until things were stirred up and then just pluck a few things off the surface to claim as his own. Finally, the third was a “watcher”, you know the type, they just stand around watching everyone else do all the work.

“Pecking Order”


After I snapped the next picture, I sat around for the longest time trying to figure out what the heck this person was doing. At first, I thought he was catching mullet to eat, but if that were true why would he need a kayak and all that fishing equipment. Finally, in desperation, I used my telephoto lens to zoom in as he emptied his net. Suddenly everything was crystal clear. He was catching small fish. When he finally got around to paddling his kayak out to where the “big ones” were lurking, he was going to use the little fish as bait to catch a delicious, nutritious dinner entree. Now, if it were I, I do not think I would be real thrilled to be sharing a seat with a bunch of slimy little fish and seaweed. I would rather be sitting in a restaurant booth waiting for my fish dinner to be served.

“Fish in Boat”


Snowy egrets are quite common in my little corner of the world and since I have so many pictures of them, I tend to give other species preferential treatment.

When I shot the picture below, snowy egrets were the only thing in sight so I figured what the heck. I was really surprised when I returned home and reviewed what I had shot. After all, they were just snowy egrets, they do the same thing repeatedly and they are not a lot of fun to watch.

I was determined to get a shot of one of them with a fish in their beak, so I was shooting a continuous burst of images. Since everything was happening so fast, I really was not sure if I was getting anything worthwhile, so I finally gave up snapping pictures and moved on. As it turned out, one shot was well worth the trouble and was pretty cool.

Okay, so you are probably a step ahead of me and have already guessed the title for this one.

“One that Got Away”


It was definitely not smooth sailing when this next picture was captured. The balance and skill those two fishermen exhibited was amazing. If I was in the boat, I would have demonstrated a hundred ways to fall overboard and that would have been between my bouts of seasickness. The truly unbelievable thing is during the whole time they were out there, they were casting their net out and slowly filling the boat with large mullet. Several times I saw the bow of the boat plunge into a wave and I swore that was it, they were going under. In the end, they survived the ordeal and headed in with a full load of fish. Remembering how my stomach felt watching the boat that day made it very easy to come up with a title.

“That Sinking Feeling”


I could go on and on, but I have pretty well cleared as many image files off my hard drive as I dare. Besides, I can only keep this charade up for so long before my wife catches on to my little game. I guess it is time to face the music and go get my “honey-do” task. Humm, I wonder what kind of busy work I can come up with for tomorrow.


Another great adventure comes to an end. It doesn’t get any better than this…well, unless you’re talking about striking oil in your back yard. That might just be a step up from this story.

I guess as we travel the road of life, we can never be really sure which way the road will turn…one thing’s for certain though, whenever you want to just do nothing, always have something to cover your tracks.

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