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Too Much of a Good Thing

It always amazes me that people can pass by the same place every day and yet when you ask them to describe it, all you get is a blank stare and a lot of “er a, that is, a…” It is not surprising in today’s busy world where everyone seems to be focused on one thing, texting or talking on their cell phone.

Now, ask me the same question and you will wish you had not. Hey, I’m a photographer and photographers are always looking for the “one in a million” picture so we tend to be aware of what is around us. Although, I guess the annoying part is when asked to describe a place I just whizzed by I can usually provide an answer…in living color…and vivid detail.

Therefore, it was not a surprise when I noticed the gardenia bush in our front garden had started blooming. After all, I pass it every day as I head out to my vehicle. Now, I have to admit, at just under three feet tall, it is not the easiest bush to notice, but its shiny, dark green leaves seem to catch ones eye.

It was a pretty cool seeing the first pure white bloom appear on the little bush. As I stood looking at it, a slight breeze delivered a bonus, the blossoms pleasant fragrance. It seemed to melt away all my tension, making me feel like everything was right in my little world. What a wonderful little bush.


With each passing day, a few more blossoms appeared and the unique but pleasant aroma increased with every addition. Each time I headed out to my vehicle, the magnificent little bush gave my outlook on the day a push toward the bright side. My guess is experts might refer to this as “aroma therapy”, but it was more, it was the overall experience of both sight and smell. I was amazed something that little could have such a big effect on me. It was truly a remarkable little bush.


Now, I am guessing the astonishing little bush figured that if just a few blossoms had such a positive effect on me, maybe more blossoms would really boost my spirits. Two days later, as I passed the awesome little bush, I could not help but notice some new additions…well actually it was a whole bunch of new additions.


Along with the new additions was an increase in the aroma produced by the blossoms. The pleasant smell I had enjoyed now had the potency of a spilled bottle of cheap perfume…very cheap perfume…I was devastated. The smell was so strong I was now sneezing and coughing…UGH…what a disgusting little bush. Needless to say, my attitude took a nosedive and I was wondering if I had an axe somewhere in the garage.

From that point on, whenever I headed out to my vehicle, I would do everything in my power to avoid that horrible little bush. I made sure I only left the house when wind was blowing in a westerly direction and on a couple of occasions, even left the house by the back door to avoid the noxious fumes…it was definitely too much of a good thing!

Now my wife Ann, seeing an excellent opportunity to “rub it in”, did everything in her power to exploit the situation. Ann suggested I wear a clothespin on my nose or maybe the mask I wear when I am painting. She even brought a few of the blossoms into the house so I could, once again, “enjoy the pleasant smell”. Oh yeah, Ann was a really big help.

I decided next spring was definitely going to be different. I marked my calendar so it would not sneak up on me and I would be ready to jump into action. My plan is to limit the smelly little bush to four blooms…every time it produced a new flower, one of the old ones would be removed and tossed in the garbage can…gosh I hope the garbage men like the smell of gardenias. Yeah, it is a foolproof plan, no sneezing, no leaving the house by the back door, yup, it is the perfect plan and next year would definitely NOT be too much of a good thing!


Another great adventure comes to an end. It doesn’t get any better than this…well, unless you’re talking about winning the National Spelling Bee. That might just be a step up from this story.

I guess as we travel the road of life, we can never be really sure which way the road will turn…one thing’s for certain though, make sure you bring a painters mask along if you’re going to be anywhere near a gardenia bush in full bloom.

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